Silikal Flooring

Our flagship product range is the Silikal catalogue of MMA (methmethylacrylate) floor and wall coatings. The properties of these surface coatings are:


Based on lab tests, 1 square metre of our full system flooring can take up to 4 tons of compressive pressure!


Our floors are certified according to DIN standards using the oil-wet ramp test and achieved the highest grade possible.


We understand that for a business, down time is directly equivalent to money lost. Our floor systems cure so fast that for many people, overnight jobs and immediate usage the day after is possible!

Cold-room Applicable

Problems with sub-zero temperature application? Chill out, our coating systems can be installed at temperatures down to -24 degrees Celsius.

Food grade

The Silikal range of products has been HACCP certified and has also achieved OSHAS 18001 standards, making it the best candidate for facilities in the F&B and medical field.

Immediate Chemical Resistance

Silikal Resins attain their full mechanical and chemical resistance properties.


Our coatings are free of any volatile organic compounds which can cause health problems such as skin irritation or even damage to internal organs. This makes it an excellent choice for inhabitants who are more vulnerable to such health issues such as elderly and young children.


Our flooring is quite possibly the only floor coating available in Singapore that has been Halal-certified by the European Institute of Halal Certification as we understand that religious inclusivity is just as important as the other features of our floors.

Silikal flooring comes in a variety of attractive finishes that can be customized to suit your aesthetic preferences, all while retaining the same great functionality of an industrial grade floor.

Silikal Unicolour (UC):


A smooth monolithic finish in solid colours that provides a seamless finish suitable for corridors, walkways, production areas and open spaces.

Silikal Concrete Look (CL):


A system similar to Unicolour but with an interesting twist. The Silikal CL system allows you to retain the great functionality of our floor coatings but have them looking like a natural concrete floor at the very same time!

Silikal Quartz 0.4/0.7 (QS4/QS7):


Our heaviest duty floor to date, highly recommended for commercial kitchens and areas with heavy duty stressors such as high-pressure water jets and forklifts. Larger grain size is recommended for increased slip resistance and strength.

Silikal Flake (FS):


An aesthetic system recommended for areas where design is the priority. The Silikal Flake system offers an attractive blend of coloured flakes which simulates the effect of terrazzo after it has been installed.

Silikal Fabric Design (FD):


Have your favourite fabric designs inbuilt right under your feet! The Silikal Fabric Design system incorporates cotton fabrics of your own choosing to create a unique floor pattern that only you will have! Some ideas may include batik, hieroglyphs or even kimonos!

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