Lytox Technologies

Your Engineering & Coating Solutions

Lytox Group is an engineering and construction company that handles the distribution for bearings used in the semiconductor manufacturing industry. We also supply and install reactive resin surface coating systems used mostly in trade, industry and residential projects.

Our Projects Include:

Heavy duty floor coatings for warehouses & factories

The demands of an industrial area can be formidable and finding a floor that can keep up with the requirements for performance and maintenance is difficult. Our team is always at the ready to perform a site survey and produce a custom-made solution created specifically for your site conditions.

Floor patching & repair

Prevention is always a better option than a cure. However, sometimes it is possible that a floor has been damaged or contaminated before the correct protective treatment has been applied. Left untreated, minor issues can develop into major problems that can cost your business revenue. At LCS, we specialise in quick but durable permanent repairs to whatever may plague your substrate with our arsenal of resins and mortars.

Cold-room coatings

Cold-rooms are used across many different industries such as F&B and medicine. They all have one thing in common: it is often critical that they can be kept running 24 hours a day, every day. Many other coatings are unable to cure or withstand the thermal shocks that are found in such environments. With our flagship product Silikal, you’ll have a floor that is not only able to handle such stressors but can also be repaired in a matter of hours and used to full capacity.

Wall coatings

Our products can also be used on concrete or metal walls to bestow the same high-performing qualities that our flooring systems have.

Exposed roof coating & waterproofing

Outdoor areas are particularly troublesome to maintain, especially if one has concerns such as waterproofing or sunlight discolouration. Our products are UV-resistant to yellowing, waterproof and you can even add textures to produce an anti-slip gradient if the particular area is intended for human traffic.

Anti-slip coatings for kitchens & other wet working sites

Silikal products have had a long and proud standing when it comes to results in kitchens and other areas of the F&B industry where safety and hygiene is concerned. To prove our commitment to our customers, our floors are HACCP certified, Halal-certified and Singapore Green Building Product approved. It certainly is hard to find a flooring product that does it all: waterproof, fast-curing, anti-slip and durable but congratulations: you’ve just found it.

As a local company with global support, we are pleased to say that we are able to offer a personal touch in customer service without compromising on efficiency or capability.