We complete each step with excellence and care to bring you the best results, exceeding your expectations.



Before any work begins, an extensive briefing will be carried out to ensure that our team is fully informed on every aspect of the project in order to minimise complications and secure optimal site conditions for the installation of your floor or wall system.


Preparation & protection

We understand from years of experience in working on trade and industry sites that sensitive equipment and product are commonplace in production areas and the like. Careful instruction and protection is carried out to mitigate any possible adverse situation that might occur.


Surface Preparation

The keystone of any well-laid flooring system is the preparation of the surface. Our state-of-the-art machines can remove existing coatings with ease and profile the substrate for optimal bonding.


Floor Coating Installation

The main event, your floor coating installation will be performed with the system and finish of your selection. Depending on the size of the project, you may very well be able to use your new floor at full functionality the very next day. Forklifts, high-pressure water jets and chemical acids will be unable to faze a monolithic Silikal floor system.


Housekeeping & Waste Disposal

Any construction project produces a lot of waste such as dust and rubbish. Once the floor system is deemed to have reached full cure, our team will comb the site cleaning and touching up minor imperfections if any.


Handover of Floor

After we have deemed the final finish of the floor satisfactory and the site free of dust and debris, a company representative will walk you through your new flooring system on care, maintenance and also obtain your approval on the completion of the project.


After Sales Service

The job doesn’t end for us once we’ve sold and installed your floor system. Every six months or so, we’ll call you to check up on how well the system is holding up and handle any issues that you may face. If deemed necessary, we will provide a revitalising treatment for your floor surface to bring back its gloss and shine.

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