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Lytox Technologies Pte Ltd. had its beginnings as a player in the semiconductor engineering supply industry almost 12 years ago. Through dedication to product quality and customer standards, we have managed to weather many storms and come out on top as the supplier for many firms including household name MNCs.

Over the years, we have diversified into the industrial and commercial flooring business. The blueprints are simple: an excellent product and a refusal to compromise on good working practices.

We are pleased to note that through numerous trainings and meticulous testing, we are now able to offer a surface coating solution for any flooring, wall or waterproofing requirement you may have. What a lot of people do not realise is that have a skilled applicator to install your flooring is just as important as having an excellent product. Besides Silikal MMA, our top-tier line of surface coatings, we also offer a range of more affordable but quality epoxy coatings.

We now boast one of the highest quality non-toxic MMA surface coatings in the industry and an experienced team of applicators that are ready to put their skills to good use on your floor because nothing is quite as important as the foundation you build your business or home on.


Our Mission

Our mission is to innovate, develop and improve on our products and working processes to create a business formula that is versatile enough to deliver on every customer’s surface coating expectations and requirements.

Our Vision

Our vision is to improve health, safety and functionality in buildings all around the world for the betterment of people.

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